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If you have an old closet that may have been obsolete and want to be discarded, Do not remove it again !!. We will share the idea of ​​a super creative creative "diy makeover" you can try. This idea is a result of the work of a facebook user, credit to him.

By using white spray and a few sticker wallpaper, the result is very beautiful. creative and inspiring. We are always attracted by any ideas of makeover or DIY used furniture. If not, with the idea of ​​DIY, we can decorate the house without a big capital.

If you have a chest of drawers hidden in the back of the house, what can we say to change it to a more vogue furniture with the idea of ​​Mrs. Habib Bib.

This is a picture of a cupboard before the makeover. Purchased About 12 years ago for only $25 Only. The furniture was indeed durable right? It's been 12 years old but still good and usable.

Unfortunately, he decided to paint the cupboard using a white spray.

When finished spray & paint process was dry, Sticker wallpaper attached. According to Puan Habib bib sticker is purchased at Kaison at a price of $6 for 10 meters.

The result is very beautiful and creative. If you want to buy a new one in a furniture store, maybe the price can make us laugh at a glance. Maybe you do not even have a design like this? Beautiful and save on budget.

How? What do you think - beautiful is not it? You can try it yourself at home. Break back in the store where you know there are old furniture that can be used back.

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